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If you have any questions or want to clarify anything please call the store at 206-274-6070 or email us at lotuscoastgaming@gmail.com.

Lotus Coast Twenty Five Days of Magic! 

For every day in December leading up to Christmas, we will be pulling one random winners per day for amazing prizes. Starting with small gifts and leading up to the grand prize of $100 in store credit. 

HOW DO I ENTER? It’s simple, just by playing at our store, you’re automatically entered to win. The entries actually started on November 21st. MTG Standard tournaments and Casual Magic get you 1 entry, Drafts are 2 entries and Sealed events are three entries. Every time you play at a Magic the Gathering Event you’re already recorded in the Wizards Event Reporter and that counts as your entry for the day. 

For Pokemon League, Pathfinder and any other groups that play at the store, there will be a sheet each day to record your entries into the prize pool. Please ask anyone behind the counter to make sure you get on the list. 

HOW MANY TIME CAN I ENTER AND WIN? You can enter the contest as many times as you play at our store in the month of December and there’s no restriction on how many times you can win. And remember if you win something you’re not into, you can always re-gift it for Christmas. 

HOW DO YOU DETERMINE THE WINNERS? Through random dice roll. Each entry is assigned a number and we will roll and assign a daily winner. The winner for each day will be determined at the start of the next day and announced on Facebook (make sure to follow us facebook.com/LotusCoastGaming)!

1-Dec Ultrapro Deck Box
2-Dec Ultrapro Sleeves (100 count)
3-Dec Two Pathfinder Minis
4-Dec Legion Deckbox
5-Dec Journey into Nyx Event Deck
6-Dec My Little Pony Starter Deck
​7-Dec 3 Heroclix Boosters
8-Dec Khans Starter Deck
9-Dec Dragon Shield Sleeves (100 count)
10-Dec Ultrapro Playmat Plain Color
11-Dec Khans of Tarkir Event Deck
12-Dec Jace Pop Planeswalker Figure
13-Dec Ultrapro Satin Deckbox
14-Dec Ultrapro Soft Touch Playmat
15-Dec Journey into Nyx Fat Pack
16-Dec Printed Art Playmat
17-Dec Uncanny X-Men Dicemasters Starter
18-Dec Dragon Binder
19-Dec Funko Planeswalker Figure
20-Dec Six Booster Packs
21-Dec Hero Clix Starter Set
22-Dec Batman Arkham City Board Game
23-Dec FTV Annihilation
24-Dec $100 Store Credit

​ If you have any more questions on how the 25 Days of Magic contest works, please talk to Olivia, Sam, Patrick or Will.